Certified Animal Care

The Verified Premium Plus (VPP) program certifies dairy farms that sell milk and dairy cows into the protein supply chain through select processors. The program ensures milk quality and animal care protocols are closely followed.

Caviness Beef Packers are VPP beef processing partners, with packing plants in Hereford, Texas. The VPP program is the framework that enables Caviness to provide premiums to VPP-certified dairy farms for quality dairy-beef cows that qualify according to program objectives and specifications.

More than 145+ dairies and 100-plus certifying veterinarians participate in the program, providing value to packers and producers alike through higher carcass weights or premiums.

orange cowVPP – CS Beef

green cowVPP – Caviness

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Veterinarian Verified

For farms to become VPP-certified, they must complete a DQC audit conducted by an approved DQC veterinarian. The certification criteria are based on industry best practices and beef processors’ standards, such as milk and beef quality, animal health and welfare, pathogen risk mitigation, employee care, and environmental sustainability.

Results of the audit provide veterinarians a baseline to consult with the dairy producer and identify areas for improvement based on science and educational resources. Outcomes continue to be measured after the audit to guide and document progress.

The producer pays the veterinarian for their time conducting the farm audit and to DQC for evaluation and certification. The producer then receives a per head premium for every dairy-beef cow shipped and accepted by Caviness or CS Beef.

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