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2020 Fall Newsletter

Quality Veterinarian Of The Year Award Winners

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The Quality Veterinarian of the Year award has been recognized each year since 1999. The award serves to raise public awareness of the importance of bovine practitioners of animal care.

2019 Winner: Dr. Eduardo Garbarino, Clovis, New Mexico

Dr. Eduardo Garbarino is one of five practicing veterinarians who make up Progressive Dairy Health Services in Clovis, New Mexico. The clinic serves 20 Verified Premium Plus (VPP) certified dairies with a total of 59,511 VPP certified cows.

Dr. Garbarino has been conducting VPP audits for his dairy clients for the past 11 years. His counsel focuses on improving cow comfort, ensuring judicious use of antibiotics, maintaining accurate records, and training employees in responsible animal management.

“One of the things I enjoy most about dairy practice is working together with the dairy employees to help them develop a criteria to take care of the cows. We develop practices and train on how to best use them, with proper decisions and use of protocols when issues arise.”

Dr. Garbarino has been with Progressive Dairy Health Services since 2004. He has been married for 19 years, has four children and, in his off-time, enjoys soccer, woodworking, and sailing.

Diamond V is a proud sponsor of the Quality Veterinarian of the Year award.

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Sustainable Dairy award winners

The Dairy Quality Center’s Sustainable Dairy Award is based upon transparent guidelines that are verified by a licensed veterinarian utilizing the Verified Premium Plus annual pre-harvest audit.

To achieve the Sustainable Dairy Award, the dairy’s bulk tank somatic cell count must be less than 200,000 cells/ml. In addition, the dairy must score at least 90% in EACH of these six critical control areas:

  • Milk Safety, Quality, Sustainability
  • Dairy Animal Care
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Pathogen Management (animal health)
  • Personnel Management
  • Dairy Beef Safety, Quality, Sustainability

Here are the latest VPP dairies to be honored for Sustainability:

February 2020

Holly Dairy Holly, CO 1st year
Webber Dairy Lakin, KS 1st year
Timeline Dairy Johnson, KS 1st year
Gervais Farm #1 Enosburg Falls, VT 4th year
Gervais Farm #2 Enosburg Falls, VT 4th year

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