Certify Proper Animal Care and Farm Practices

The Verified Premium Plus (VPP) audit process is conducted by a DQC approved, licensed veterinarian. Along with the dairy manager they identify and guide continuous improvements based on science, effective management practices, and employee training.

VPP-certified herds are scored by licensed veterinarians trained in the VPP standards. The veterinarians have the training, skill and passion for the dairy animal and their background and animal health training, in-service education, and code of ethics make them experts.

The VPP program utilizes the expertise of more than 100 veterinarians to certify management practices on more than 145 dairy farms across the country. As the VPP program grows, more veterinarians are needed to complete verifications.

What It Takes To Be A Certified Veterinarian

VPP-certified veterinarians who can complete on-farm audits must meet the following requirements:

  1. Licensed veterinarian
  2. Active member of American Association of Bovine Practitioners
  3. Active participant in continuing education per state regulations
  4. Approved by Dairy Quality Center every 3 years
  5. Must have been an active animal health consultant for 3 years
  6. Cannot own any part of the dairy being audited or be a fulltime employee of the dairy being audited
  7. Must have recent knowledge and understanding of the dairy’s operation

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